Jason's Resume

Jason Kofoed - Web Developer (LAMP/HTML/CSS)

Profile Motivated and goal-oriented professional with skills in many areas of IT including PC hardware, networking and specializing in software/web development.
Education Associate's Degree: Computer Information Systems - Microcomputer Specialist
Gateway Technical College - Graduation Date: 5/2000
  • Aero79.com - [Link]
    • User request forms and processing to email details
    • Integrate with Constant Contact APIs
    • New Account Provisioning via Constant Contact Partner API
  • IMS Barter - [Link]
    • Redesign HTML/CSS based (table-less)
    • Corporate Division Website
    • ECommerce Marketplace - Avg Sales > $100,000 per month
    • Cent OS and MacOS X/Ruby on Rails/Apache/Mongrel Environment
  • 3-Point Mortgage, LLC
    • Complete build - Design/Development
    • Ongoing Client
    • Appointment Request form
    • Custom Photo Gallery
  • Straight Arrow Cleaning - [Link]
    • Design/Development for Allmar Technologies
    • Custom Client Quoting Application
  • Case Corp (now CNH Global, N.V.) Business Intelligence Intranet
    • Redeveloped intranet site and updated per weekly instructions
  • Miller Brewing Co. Supplier Diversity Intranet
    • Development of intranet site
    • Worked with designers and client to effectively show the supplier chain for all departments of Miller Brewing Co.
  • Project Manager
    • Simple ERP software to track development hours, invoice customers, and record payroll information
    • Visual Basic/Access DB
    • User and Admin level security and reporting
  • Time Calculator
    • Used to determine estimates of development time and budget for CNH projects at Innovativa
  • Software/Web Development
    • Project Management
    • PHP
    • SQL (MySql, PostGreSQL)
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Ruby On Rails
    • ASP (Active Server Pages)
    • Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
    • Visual Basic
    • Microsoft Access VBA
    • VBscript
  • Software Applications
    • Microsoft Office
    • Adobe Premiere
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Acrobat